Russo: Someone Tell Queen Stephanie The Talent Should Be Getting Over, Not Her

In my best effort to remain positive, simply said, if you would have missed tonight's episode of RAW . . . you simply would have missed nothing. Another 3 hour show, bell-to-bell with wrestling action and little character development and no storylines anywhere in sight. With the Fall Schedule kicking off tonight, I just don't understand how they could present a show with such little effort put into it.


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  • I like Mick Foley showing some balls the past few weeks, but there isn't much of a consequence when a wrestler, Rollins, is simply booked to WRESTLE after crossing the boss. Just uncreative and weak.
  • Somebody needs to tell Queen Stephanie that the TALENT you are supposedly trying to GET OVER, Reigns, should cut YOU OFF on the mic--not vice-versa.
  • Would have loved to see some Sasha/Bayley heat at the end of their tag match. But again---this is WWE booking.
  • Rollins/Stephanie scene in the back was OK, but, I just both hope and pray that Stephanie is DEAD WRONG over her speculation of why her husband screwed Rollins. If she isn't---the story is a COMPLETE BOMB.
  • Another Bo Dallas squash match. What can I say? What can anyone say?
  • I literally fell asleep on the couch during Sheamus/Cesaro 6.
  • Why are they over-stating that "You won't see the Cruiserweights on SmackDown". I'm really starting to believe that they actually DON'T want their fans to watch SmackDown.
  • Ann Coulter roasting Rob Lowe was funnier than all the WWE tag teams doing their 3 minutes of "shtick" at the top of the ramp.
  • Why does anyone throw a super kick any more when it has been proven over the last three months on RAW that they don't hurt anybody?
  • Just sad that one of these Cruiserweights is going to get severely injured before the WWE takes a look at "the way we work".
  • Why didn't Rusev want to lay out the WWE Champ after he laid out Reigns? He should want that title as well--no?
  • How much you want to bet that there will be no, zero, zilch, goose egg explanation on why Rollins saved Reigns next week.

Can I go to bed now?

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