Sean Oliver Recalls Dixie Carter's YouShoot Interview, Says He Only Cut One Question

Sean Oliver remembers back on Dixie Carter's YouShoot interview.

Shoot interviews have always been popular in the online wrestling community, but there have been few that have made quite the impact that Dixie Carter's 2010 interview did. During that interview, fans fired in plenty of rapid questions, many that included criticisms of the product that TNA Wrestling was putting out at the time.

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In a new interview with Fightful, Oliver discussed Carter's YouShoot interview in length and revealed that he only cut one question from the lineup.

"The promise of YouShoot was unrestricted fan access to somebody. Usually over video, the safety of video or the keyboard. If you want to insult somebody, you want to use your time for that, send it in. You want to compliment somebody, propose to somebody, send it in. We’re play it for them and get their reaction. We just had to make sure we had people that were entertaining enough as guests and lightning rods to elicit such a passionate outpouring. So people like Dixie Carter. People have to understand the context and the timeframe here. Everyone was talking about TNA versus WWE at the time. Vince certainly wasn’t coming on any of my shows to face the fans and field anything they wanted. I thought I had a shot with Dixie, who might say, ‘Yeah, we’re the underdogs and fuck it, you want to ask me anything?’ That’s exactly what happened. So we were fortunate that she did it and we aired everything. The initial criticism was, ‘Oh, they won’t put disrespectful questions.’ If you’ve ever seen the show, your questions asked from the toilet; somebody being woken up, who rolls over and goes, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I fell asleep. I must have been watching the last TNA pay-per-view.’ We aired it all. I edited one question out of the show. One. Which, it was a question about her grooming preferences. I thought we didn’t have to go there."

Carter departed TNA/IMPACT in early 2017 and hasn't been involved in the business since then, aside from a few sporadic appearances on television.

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