Shane Taylor Grades Ian Riccaboni's Elbow Drop, Wants To Team With Erik Of The Viking Raiders

Shane Taylor is all business, but even he couldn't escape the lighter side of wrestling.

In 2019, Ring of Honor ran the ROH Unauthorized show, which featured Taylor, Khan, Moses, Ron Hunt and Brian Johnson losing to the group of Camera Man Gator, Colt Cabana, Gary Juster, Todd Sinclair....and Ian Riccaboni. How does Taylor feel about having a loss on his record?

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"No, no, no. Let’s stop right there," Taylor told Fightful. "Brian Johnson decided he wanted to insert himself into the match. Me and my guys left. So, there is no victory over me. There is no victory over my guys. They all beat Brian Johnson. You’ll have to address that with Brian."

The match finished with Johnson eating an Ian Riccaboni elbow drop from the top rope. Even Taylor had to admit he was impressed by that and another spot in the match.

"Listen, man, I feel like it’s up there. Solid A-. You see what I’m saying? For not a wrestler, that’s extremely well done. Extremely well done. That was fantastic, but, the high point of the match, and I don’t care what anybody says, Todd Sinclair’s leapfrog. Thing of beauty," Taylor said. 

Even though Shane Taylor likes destroying people, he understands that versatility is a key to longevity and seems like he enjoyed the process.

"You like to be a part of things like that. I’m a big fan of giving guys that shine and being different and changing things up a bit here and there. You can’t be too one note. Especially in today’s world with so much media, so many options, so many things vying for people’s attention. You have to be able to give them some surprises here and there. So, I felt like that was a great thing. Looking forward to seeing more of those things. Not necessarily on a regular basis, but just here and there. Just giving people some surprises and things that they didn’t expect," Taylor said. 

Obviously that match didn't go the way that Shane Taylor would have liked. He had his fellow Shane Taylor Promotions pals by his side, but if he had to enlist someone else to take out the specimen of Todd Sinclair, who would it be?

"If we’re doing the six man then, obviously, my guys—[Kaun and Moses]—are the gonna be the guys that I’d chose to be right by my side. Probably, as always man, if I gotta pick one guy to go into a battle with it’d be Ray Rowe a.k.a. Erik of Viking Raiders fame. My trainer, godfather to my daughters, you know what I mean? If there’s one guy I’m gonna walk into a room with going, ‘Hey, me and you gotta fight this whole place,’ it’d be him," Taylor closed.

You can see our full interview with Shane Taylor above, and check him out each week on Ring of Honor programming. Check your local listings and see him on ROH HonorClub at this link.

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