Snisky (Gene Snitsky) On 17-On-2 Match Against Cena And Orton: It Was A Nightmare To Set Up

Snisky (Gene Snitsky) has been part of some of the most memorable, for better or worse, wrestling segments in history.

In March 2008, Snisky teamed with sixteen other men to face John Cena and Randy Orton in a 17-on-2 handicap match.

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Speaking to Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In The Weeds, Snisky reflected on the bout and getting his with unprotected weapon shots.

"I just remember the nightmare of trying to set it up. With that many guys involved, it's almost like a Royal Rumble. Everybody had their spot, everybody has their time. I always joke around with the guys at the shop, 'I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday, I don't know how I remembered that stuff back then.' With all the chairshots I've had, the tables I've been through. The guys are just laughing and I show them video. Back in those days, you got hit with a chair, you didn't put your hand up. You just got hit with the chair. There's that video going around of Big Show hitting me in the head with a kitchen sink. You can see clearly that I don't have my hands up and I'm not protecting myself, just getting hit square in the head with a kitchen sink. Luckily, I have a thick cranium because I've been hit in the head with a lot of things over the years...not counting the stuff my wife hits me with in the basement," he said with a laugh and wink.

The handicap match lasted less than ten minutes and ended in a DQ.

Elsewhere during the interview, Snisky noted that Lance Anoa’i brought him back to wrestling and MLW. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

Fans can check out the full interview with Snisky in the video above.

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