Steve Maclin: I'm Excited For What's To Come With Nic Nemeth, He's Out To Prove Something

Steve Maclin talks Nic Nemeth in TNA.

Nemeth and Maclin are currently engaged in a heated feud in TNA, and while the two stars have yet to face off in the ring, it certainly seems that a singles match will go down sooner rather than later.

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Maclin recently sat down with Fightful's Joel Pearl for a new interview. In the chat, Maclin stated that he's excited to go through his feud with Nemeth, noting that he's always wanted to work with him.

"No spoilers, I know this’ll be a little bit after it, but I’m excited for what’s to come with Nic Nemeth. I think I made that that clear, especially with our in-ring, meeting each other face-to-face even though we knew each other from our time in WWE and his time in NXT, stopping by. He’s one of those guys that I’ve always looked at, that I’ve wanted to work with just because he’s one of the best. The way he sells and moves and he does steal the show. He lives up to that name."

Maclin went on to compare Nemeth's transition in wrestling to his own transition that took place when he was released from WWE.

"But I think he’s out to prove something now as Nic Nemeth and not Dolph Ziggler. He’s getting away with that and that’s also a thing I went through myself, getting away from being Steve Cutler to what Steve Maclin is now. To me, I said it at Hard to Kill, ‘Whoever comes in, I don’t care who it is, TNA’s my home. This is my sandbox.’ People joke about it. The sandbox is what we’d call it in Afghanistan and in Iraq. That’s our sandbox. Going into the theater, that’s our sandbox. That’s what I consider TNA to be. So, those that need clarification about what that means, that’s what I mean. This is my area of operation. I am TNA and what TNA is bringing, where we’re going right now, I am ecstatic about."

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