TAELER: Former NXT UK Star Alpha Female Starts SIRIUS Sports Entertainment

Former WWE NXT UK star Alpha Female Jazzy Gabert embarks on the journey of starting a brand new wrestling promotion in Germany - SIRIUS Sports Entertainment! Alpha Female has been honing her craft in the Pro Wrestling Industry for almost 2 decades. Jazzy Gabert discussed on the Talks with Taeler podcast that her start in the business was at a time where women's wrestling was a rare commodity on the Independents and people willing to train such women were even more so. A time where paying your dues meant more than paying for training. It meant earning your right to be on the show. Further proving your worth in order to see your first pay day. Working further still to earn respect.

Fast forward and today Jazzy Gabert known as Alpha Female has been seen and performed all over the world making a name for herself and overcoming all kinds of challenges and monumental examples of adversity all the while still finding meaning, inspiration, and guts to forge on in a business she's put her all into. Fans world-wide have seen Alpha Female compete in TNA Impact Wrestling, on the U.S Independents, Japan's Stardom promotion, all over The U.K, opportunities for All Elite Wrestling, and finally WWE's NXT UK. There always these moments in life that I like to call the "under the radar" moments. Think of them like the build up fillers that add up to the more known "make or break" moments. For Alpha Female, there's been countless "under the radar moments" that like so many of us pursuing dreams in this industry have continuously caused us to question our dreams, our talent, our value, our life choices, and so much more. These questions constantly wrestling each other in our heads as we fight our hardest to elevate and succeed. Within the industry there are millions who are fighting for, bleeding for, performing for, sweating for, breaking bones for, going broke for, and dreaming for that dream. But at what cost? On whose terms? And how many of us are defining our own success versus the Pro Wrestling success stigma?

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Years of seeing this and experiencing it first-hand caused Alpha Female to be looking towards the future. What she loves about the business she's been in for so long. What she'd want to see going forward for the betterment of everyone in the future. And how she could contribute to that prosperous future for the industry as well as herself. A future she hope's is free of bullying, abuse, negative stereotyping, a safe environment, and exciting entertainment for fans. In November, towards the end of 2019, Alpha Female found herself exiting NXT UK. She found herself pondering at length what might be next? Where do I go from here? What do I want to do? How do I achieve it? Am I a part of the solution? What to do when you know you have more to give and more you want to achieve…?

When December 2019 came around Alpha Female found herself among friends, "I told them I want my own promotion. First it was just an idea. We dreamed about what we could do and I said, 'IM DOING IT!' People who know me, they know that I'm not just talk. If I set my mind to something, I actually do it. In january I contacted my lawyer and we set up my new company. In February I announced the first date of the show... Unfortunately Covid 19 came in my way. Otherwise we would be already running." On Talks with Taeler Hendrix, Alpha Female dove deep into just how much Germany and surrounding areas were affected by Covid 19. It unfortunately hit too close to home for Alpha Female - and she adamantly chose to postpone SIRIUS Sports Entertainment's debut to keep everyone safe. Being an essential worker in Germany, she was on the front lines seeing exactly what Covid 19 was capable of; further filling her resolve to postpone.

With that said, Alpha Female knew that when things were safe again, she'd need to be ready. Extra time to iron out details. So when coming up with the formula for Sirius Sports Entertainment, she told me she drew upon two very specific experiences that were so fun and inspiring to her that she wants to pay homage to. "A long time ago, I went to a promotion in the UK called Lucha Britannia. I loved the idea of how they presented the show. It was colorful and full of different acts, not just wrestling. In 2019, I went to a music concert. I was booked as a choreographer and helped to come up with a concept - it was wrestling with music in a super professional way. I loved the idea that wrestling could be more than simply two people fighting each other and about 8 matches per show. That was not enough, so I mixed the experience from lucha britannia with my experience from the concert and here we go, thats how Sirius came together!" 

Safety precautions pending, after postponing their April show, Sirius Sports Entertainment is set to make it's much anticipated debut this December! December 5th, 2020, Sirius Sports Entertainment will be broadcasting live with English commentary and featuring some very talented athletes from Germany, Austria, Switzerland. As of now the experience will highlight the likes of John "Bad Bones" Klinger, Drake Destoyer, Peter White, Carnage, Blackwell, and many more! SIRIUS have it's own unique looks reminiscent of a royal roman amphitheater with its ring set up on a centered stage and will have a heavily fueled cinema affect combining different aspects of entertainment to the overall experience of SIRIUS Sports Entertainment. SIRIUS will also be partnering with at least two local promotions as well as in conjunction with Alpha Female's home promotion - Championship of Wrestling. Currently, SIRIUS is also in talks with FITE TV. For more information about SIRIUS Sports Entertainment, you can look on their Instagram found at: @siriuswrestling which includes their talent's Promo Tournament Contest as well as links for tickets. 

I want to end this article with a question I'd asked of Alpha Female. I asked, "If you could tell fans and wrestlers alike one thing that your career has taught you, what would that be?" I hope her answer echos into your mind during times of self doubt, adversity, negativity, or the times when you are just so tired… "IT WILL ALWAYS GO ON! You got injured, you lost a good deal, lost a match or you think no one ever wants to work with you again... Don't worry, its not the end. There is always something." - Alpha Female

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