TAELER: Free Agent To Look For In 2022: 'The British Amazon' Heidi Katrina

Fightful readers, I am back with an edition for you by way of a Fightful Feature highlighting a woman who most certainly is on this year's list of free agents to look out for next year. When I'm watching matches, promos, social media, and show bookings, I'm looking at specific things from a business perspective. I'm looking to see how a talent conducts themselves. I'm looking at their dedication to their craft. I'm looking at their talent, their look, and their overall presentation. Why? Because it all matters!

From an executive standpoint, when you're looking to hire talent you want low risk highly talented performers that will give you a return on your investment. You want talent that are professional and will represent your company well. You want people that will look good on TV. Talent who can lead and follow while performing well under pressure. You want coachability and charisma. You want them to have an almost tangible vibe that exhibits different diverse demographics for a well-rounded roster...

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There's a lot that goes into the hiring process, or at least there should be. And then there's the added bonus of the 'it factor!' The unicorn performers that can do it all and back it up looking good while doing it. And that brings me to the subject of this feature - 'The British Amazon' Heidi Katrina!

I've been following Heidi Katrina for a while now. I actually love watching quite a few UK based talents and promotions alike. And Heidi Katrina is no most definitely no exception. Her aesthetic is impeccably well honed. Clearly dedicated. Her study of the craft has taken her from the UK to across Japan and beyond. I find her attitude to be top-notch. Katrina's strength and prowess lends her much credit and presents uniquely fun opportunities for match ups in the ring to which I've thought of many!

Heidi Katrina's in ring experience continues to outdo itself as she adds more and more accomplishments to her already impressive resume. I think Heidi Katrina has become such a well-kept secret in the UK and Japan from Sendai Girls to DDT Pro and Pro Wrestling Diana. Adding to that PWE, RCW, Kamikaze Pro, EVE, and even IWA Mid South, XICW Detroit, and Beyond Wrestling's WWR in the U.S...I just know her break out is imminent if not incipient. She's faced what reads like a whose who of talent. WWE, AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, ROH, CMLL, AAA, and more.

Heidi Katrina has squared off with IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim. UK Star Nina Samuels. WWE's Toni Storm. ROH's Sessions Moth Martina. IMPACT's Rosemary. Chica Tormenta, AEW's Riho. STARDOM's Hana Kimura. Former NXT star Mercedes Martinez. AEW's Nyla Rose. Mari Sakamoto. Former NXT star Tegan Nox. WWE Legend Jazz. Aja Kong. NXT UK's Meiko Satomura. AEW's Hikaru Shida. Ray-Lyn. Queen Aminata. Gisele Shaw, and more...

Heidi Katrina has amassed some marvelous accolades from all across the globe. In 2015 Heidi won the vacated ABC Wrestling Title against Toni Storm. She went to war against Kairi Sane and the extremely formidable Alpha Female in order to retain that title. In 2016 she became a 1x Reina CMLL International Champion with a run lasting over 300+ days. Not to mention becoming a Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion in 2018 for over 175+ days...

In the years since, Heidi Katrina has continued to hone her craft and add even more credibility with each performance. She is a talent who is a credit to her trainers and those who book her. Heidi Katrina's prowess is impressive and her agility reminds me of Jordynne Grace. Grace who has an extremely versatile skill set in wrestling that makes her simultaneously powerful and yet extremely agile and light on her feet. As quick to snag a limb as she is to climb the turnbuckles. Heidi Katrina has a very similar style that although similar is just as different and uniquely Katrina's. Both of whom exude passion and believability in all that they do.

Now considering the fact that Heidi Katrina has wrestled two women who I have highlighted previously for Fightful.com on my free agents list, it should come as no surprise that 'The British Amazon' Heidi Katrina joins Lady Frost, Notorious Mimi, Queen Aminata, Alex Gracia, Nina, and several more to be announced on my list of 'Free Agents To Look For In 2022!' 2021 marked a milestone for Heidi Katrina as she reached her tenth wrestling anniversary! I cannot think of a better way to honor such tenacity, passion, grit, and gumption than by officially welcoming 'The British Amazon' Heidi Katrina to my Fightful.com list of Free Agents To Look For In 2022!

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