Taya Valkyrie: I'm Still A Free Agent, My Goals Is To Really Find Where I Want To Be For A Long Time

Taya Valkyrie gives an update on her contract status and talks about working in different promotions around the world.

Since being released by WWE in November 2021, Taya Valkyrie has made a point to stay busy in the world of wrestling. In 2022 alone, Valkyrie worked in places like IMPACT Wrestling, MLW, NWA, AAA, and GCW.

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In a recent interview with Fightful, Valkyrie noted that while she is looking to find a permanent home by the end of the year, she's currently enjoying her tour of the wrestling world.

"I’m still a free agent and that’s because I’ve just been having a really good time. I’m going everywhere, like you said, and working consistently with all these companies. I have mentioned this before; one of my goals for this year is really finding where I want to be for a long period of time. So when the time comes, when it’s the right fit, that’s definitely something I’m going to be looking into. But for now I’m having a really good time working everywhere and meeting all these different people and working with different producers and working with different wrestlers and exploring the world of professional wrestling again."

Valkyrie went on to talk about how the wrestling landscape has changed and allowed for performers to have more freedom in moving around from company to company.

"I don’t know because it wasn’t like that when I went to work for NXT. I don’t know if it was because everyone was coming back from being shut down and people were like, ‘We just need to get to work.’ I think that had something to do with it. I feel like people were gunning to get
to work and do stuff and be in front of crowds. A lot of people during those two / three years of COVID had contracts run out and different things probably happened that led there to being these spots open and the opportunity for people to work together."

Every company in the world of wrestling seemingly tries to differentiate themselves from one another. Valkyrie also talked about this in the interview, noting that her vast experience only helps her learn more and more about the business.

"They’re all very different because they’re very different products. I think that different places run their businesses differently. You have to learn with different personalities and sometimes you’re not going to agree with what they’re saying or you have a better idea—or you think it’s a better idea—and some places will listen to you and others will not. But everything that I’ve done this year specifically and working with all these companies, getting to work with these amazing women nationally and internationally, has made me appreciate all of those differences so much more. I’m learning still—every single day—things about myself, things about this business and it’s just really exciting to have that library of knowledge and I’m thrilled to share that with people. I want people to ask me my opinion because I care so much and I want to see people grow and experience the life they want within this business and beyond."

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