Exclusive: Tessa Blanchard Issues In WOW Revealed: Verbal Confrontations, More

The stories of Tessa Blanchard's issues continue to roll in.

Fightful had been told by several within IMPACT that since she'd been with the company that many of her perceived attitude issues had went away. Members of the WOW Women of Roster don't seem to agree, even though they've been asked by David McClane to not speak about the matter.

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A member of the WOW roster that opted to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation spoke with Fightful and said that Tessa Blanchard would have it out with WOW trainers, telling one that she shouldn't be teaching and didn't belong there. The trainer was said to have cried in front of the group, and when someone tried to reach out to Blanchard about it, she wasn't interested in talking and that it was being blown out of proportion.

As Tessa gained influence in the company, certain things needed to be approved by her, which really accelerated in season 2. As season 2 went on, Tessa became the face of the company, head trainer, and worked in talent relations.

There was a confrontation between Tessa and another top name in WOW, after weeks of tension that escalated into a verbal battle in front of others as well. It wasn't revealed who was at fault in that particular situation. There was another fairly public shouting match between Tessa Blanchard and Malia Hosaka, which led to Malia being the only person getting reprimanded, which some members of the roster saw as unfair.

Several longtime members in WOW also felt as if they lost their pushes once Blanchard showed up and made heavy changes.

Fightful initially reached out to Tessa Blanchard for comment last Saturday, but that request has went unreturned.

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