Thunder Rosa Passed On WWE Tryout As A Referee Last Year

You might have seen Thunder Rosa in WWE if they had their way, but not as a wrestler.

The ambitious Rosa has appeared on American television for five different companies, basically everyone but IMPACT and WWE. In 2019, Rosa actually had a tryout scheduled with WWE, but didn't end up going.

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"I was supposed to go, last September, for a referee try out," Rosa told Fightful. "That was like a week before I signed my contract for MMA. That was in WWE. Dorian, the hurricane, happened and my things kept getting canceled, getting canceled and then I was getting too close for me to sign my contract for my fight and I was already training. I had like three months training. I was like, “I can’t wait.” One week’s too long for me not to train. I just sent them an e-mail saying, “Thanks for the opportunity, hopefully we can work something out in the future,” and I left it as that. That happened my career skyrocketed ‘cause we made it happen. But, yeah, man. It’s insane. But, other than that, I never got any e-mails or interest or nothing," Rosa stated. 

Rosa has had no trouble finding work in pro wrestling. In order to land her, you're going to need to let her know that she's wanted. She isn't going to come beat your door down begging for an opportunity to wrestle in your promotion.

"One thing I will tell you, too, I’m very particular about. I don’t ask. I don’t beat on people’s DMs. I don’t ask. If you don’t want me, no matter how many times I send you an e-mail, you probably will give me a try-out because you’re tired of me. But, I don’t ask. My talent, my work, and my work ethic is gonna speak volumes. When they see that in person and they see people that work in the company talking about my work ethic, then I know things are gonna happen for me and they will come and be like, “Hey, Thunder, are you interested in working our show this time?” “Absolutely, let me see if I’m not into a contract, then we can do it.” If not, it’s just like, “I can’t, I’m under contract. Let’s talk about it another time.” But, that’s always been my mentality with absolutely everything I’ve done. If it’s for me, if it’s written in my destiny, it will be for me. That’s why I’ve worked so hard all the time and I continue to work hard, and I will continue to work hard until I retire," Rosa closed.

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