Thunder Rosa Says Mission Pro Wrestling Is A Family Business, Happy To Help Women's Wrestling Grow

Thunder Rosa talks about the family aspect of Mission Pro Wrestling.

Thunder Rosa is not only a top star and champion in AEW, she is also someone who wants to give back to the women's wrestling community, and she is doing that through Mission Pro Wrestling.

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The all-women's promotion in Texas is continuing to help grow women's wrestling and create stars for the future of the industry.

Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp, Thunder Rosa explained that the promotion is more like a family business and that she trusts everyone she works with.

“I trust my team,” she began. “My son just called me. He’s like, ‘I just want to call you to tell you things are going really well. My dad is in a really good mood.’ The team is really well. Tickets are selling. It was a little rough, but things are moving. I think the motor is well oiled and is working.

“The people that are working with me—Melanie, Brian, my students—it’s a family business,” she continued.” "They all have their positions and they all have what they need to do. We’ve been doing it for a year and a half. So when I’m not there, things run smoothly. Now we’re adding more people. Roland is our videographer and then I have my editor, who’s editing all the stuff that you guys are seeing on social media now. The team is getting bigger. It’s kind of crazy.”

Talking about running a Mission Pro Wrestling show during WrestleMania weekend, Thunder explained that it worked out circumstantially that WrestleMania was in Texas, and she also said that she prefers betting on Independent Talent rather than trying to book notable names in the industry.

“I think it was something I said last year and I just put it in the universe and the opportunity was given to us,” she said. “We’re gonna do it and it’s on our home turf. I think there’s one other show that features females. But we’re the main one featuring some of the [not well known] talents. A lot of people are like, ‘Why didn’t you get any ex-WWE people or AEW?’ I said, ‘One, for starters, it’s really hard to get [ex-WWE / AEW] people to get booked and it’s super expensive. Two, I think it is important to feature those who have been working their asses off with us in the indies.’ So why not? We’re betting on them and we’re betting that people are gonna go there because they want to see good quality women’s professional wrestling.”

Thunder also shouted out Kayla Sparks as a good example of someone who has worked very hard in the industry and is also grateful for the opportunities that Mission Pro Wrestling has provided her.

“Kayla Sparks, she’s one of the examples of somebody that we have helped and she’s super grateful,” Rosa said. “Every other day she’s always thanking us for that. We’re not expecting everybody to come tell us, ‘Oh, thank you so much.’ We just want to help though. We want to make things better.”

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Thunder Rosa recently had March 16 declared Thunder Rosa Day in Bexar County, Texas in honor of the day that she won the AEW Women's World Championship. Learn more about that here.

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