Translated Transcript Of Alberto Del Rio's Press Conference

Former WWE star Alberto Del Rio held a press conference in Mexico to discuss his time in WWE, how he and WWE parted ways and his future in wrestling.

Del Rio's last few months have been tumultuous to say the least. He had been getting pushed lower and lower on the card, to reports of WWE management not being happy with his relationship with fellow WWE Superstar Paige, culminating with both being suspended for a Wellness Policy violation last month, to Del Rio being released by WWE

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The press conference was entirely in Spanish, so below is a translated version of the full conference in English. Credit to for transcribing the full press conference in Spanish.

“The main reason I made this conference was to let Mexico know, the place where I was born, where my career started and where my career ended, that I was tired of the work.

I didn’t feel good there and I felt that they were not doing things with me and decided to leave.

I understand that they would not give me more projects; I understand their motives and we reached an agreement. Negotiations went so well, [Vince] McMahon did not apply the 90-day [no compete] clause; I come free from everything.

I have a lot of projects, such as being a sports commentator in the United States, and I’m also beginning a new life as a businessman here in Mexico.

To me, it was very important being here and correct the rumors that appear on the internet. I’m grateful with all the executives, especially with Vince. My finances are excellent and want to enjoy it with my family.

I won everything in WWE. My dad used to tell me ‘do you want to live like the reflection of your uncle, Mil Mascaras, all the time, or do you want to enjoy your life?’

Tomorrow, I will be having meetings with several Mexican business owners, but I don’t want to be exclusive with anybody. I’ve spoken with everybody, to Dorian Roldan with Paco Alonso, with [Mexican promotion] Liga Elite… If they want Alberto, it will just be for dates. I learned from my errors and will not return to being exclusive to any one person.

I don’t plan on whipping much my body, so I’ll definitely have few dates.

The reason that drove me to reflect on this decision was seeing my son hide my luggage just so that I do not leave on a trip. I want to enjoy being with my family and besides, I was not enjoying my second run in WWE.

I spoke with my father, who is the one that always gives great advice, and on that day, I spoke with the executives.

I don’t regret my second phase in WWE. They gave me all I asked for, but my decision was not because I didn’t have championships; that’s irrelevant at this stage in my career. I left the business because I could not keep up with the speed at work. I wanted balance in my second run, but I was around 50/50.

Speaking with Vince on why I was leaving, he told that with the division among marks, Alberto Del Rio would return to where he was.

I love this sport. It was my dream to become a wrestler since the day I opened my eyes, but I’m losing passion for it. Every time I hop on a plane, I felt angry. I didn’t want to be a wrestler who was sour and that was when I told Vince: I did not want to lose passion for wrestling.

We came into agreement, where I told him: ‘Don’t rule out me talking with you some day.’

Everybody knew what he charged and what I needed so I can work. I’m a guaranteed ticket seller and someone people want to hire.    

There’s still two years left of wrestling before I retire. I’m not doing more than 60 dates all over the world. I won’t do any more.

I would definitely like to come back some day to Arena Mexico, but at the end of the day, I’ going to whomever wants to pay me.

It’s very difficult to go back and use the mask, but I respect the tradition. Someday, I may use it as a tribute to walk into the ring, but I will not be masked again.

There’s no one that interests me in fighting. A lot of people want to face me, but only Rey Mysterio can only compare to myself.

The businesses that want to work with me know that I am a guarantee to be a spectacle. Vince used to say it, I am the best strong guy in the last few years.

Everything that I am is all thanks to WWE, but unfortunately, that comes with a very high price: your life. I reached the summit, I won everything and I could not reach a higher place.

I’m happy that my father will return to the Arena Mexico, but I will not be present. I won’t have conflicts with any business.

My last two wrestling matches will be in Mexico and in San Luis Potosi with my dad, my brother and Mil Mascaras.

It is beyond without a doubt that AAA is the company, at least to me, that is doing great things because of their relationship with television. They are so far advanced. The Arena Mexico is down for marketing and many more things. As for Liga Elite, I do not know them. I will barely talk with my brother, who is the one that works with them.

There are still unconfirmed rumors regarding Paige's future with WWE. Paige was in attendance at the conference.

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