Trent's Mom Sue Says She Had To Be Talked Into Flipping Off Santana & Ortiz, Will NEVER Forgive Them

Sue has become an overnight sensation in the world of wrestling.

A glimpse of wholesome, family friendly content, Sue made waves backstage at All Elite Wrestling by bringing everyone cookies and brownies, in addition to giving parenting advice. However, we saw a dark turn, when Sue's son Trent won the widely acclaimed Parking Lot Fight against Santana and Ortiz on AEW Dynamite. 

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After months of Santana and Ortiz's personal attacks on Sue, her son Trent, and tag team partner Chuck Taylor, things came to a head in a parking lot fight. When the Best Friends duo and their friend Orange Cassidy emerged victorious, Sue was there to pick her boys up and send Santana and Ortiz a message in the form of a middle finger.

"They had to talk me into that. I did not want to do it," Sue laughed. "I am like 'I'm not going on national TV. Oh my goodness, I'm a retired teacher, it's so embarrassing, it's so wrong.' They tried and tried, and said 'You're a character! This is're a character, you can do that.' Now I'm so glad I did that. I loved it! I caved completely, but I was shy about it. It was great, and I'm glad I did it. People were coming over to me telling me I had to do it, it's the best way to end it! It was wonderful. I'm not really that much of a character, I'm a mom! I'm Trent's mom Sue (not Greg Marasciulo's mom), so that made it okay."

Much like Sue, some of her personal friends had reservations about the angle. Also, like her, they changed their tune.

"They loved it. One of my friends said 'you can't do that on TV!' She called me after and said 'you had to do that. It was the perfect way to end it. I changed my mind!' So did I, I changed my mind there," Sue recalled.

The Parking Lot Fight itself became an instant classic moment in All Elite Wrestling history, a bit of finality to a months-long story. Sue was there to watch in person as the brutal match unfolded. Car hoods, windows, doors, and more were broken.

"Greggy (Trent) flying through that windshield was not pretty, but afterwards, the memory is lingering with me forever. I loved it. It was scary, it was wild. The blood on his back -- oh my god. I thought I was having a dream. My mouth dropped down the floor. I was nervous screaming 'Oh no! Greggy my boy!' I got blood in my hair. He came and kissed me and I got blood in my hair," Sue noted.

Now that all is said and done, will bygones by bygones? Will Sue forigve?

"NEVER. Never ever, ever. Will not forgive them," Sue closed, when asked about Santana and Ortiz.

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