Triple H Didn't Say AEW "Bullied" NXT Off Wednesday Nights, Details On Backstage Meeting

NXT is moving nights, and had a meeting backstage at the March 31 show to discuss things.

News of the meeting was broken by Wrestling Observer, who recounted the happenings. However, as of today, at least ten wrestlers have reached out to specify what exactly happened and what was said at the meetings.

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Fightful reached out to several wrestlers and members of the staff, who vehemently denied that Triple H said anything resembling that they were "bullied" off of Wednesday nights as reported. Instead, we were told that Triple H focused heavily on the reasons for the move to Tuesday nights, telling the NXT roster that going on a night after Raw was a good thing for the brand. Triple H said that the move had been in the works for a while, which we've been told is true, as USA felt this out as far back as last year. HHH also said that there are a lot of opportunities with the replay being on Peacock, and he hopes that people focus more on the show than the viewership now that the change is happening.

Dave Meltzer corrected his original recounting on Twitter, noting that two people reached out to say the "bully" line didn't happen.

NXT debuts on Tuesday nights on April 13, and a replay will be available on Peacock the following day.

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