Triple H Led July 25 WWE Talent Meeting, Told WWE Roster He Wanted Work To Be Fun

Triple H is leading up creative in WWE in place of Vince McMahon, and is talking to talent about it.

The move was announced on July 25, and at that night's WWE Raw tapings, the new EVP of Talent Relations and head of creative spoke at a talent meeting. Talent that we were able to speak with said that the meeting went really well, and there as a lot of optimism surrounding the change in creative from others in the company.

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Triple H led the meeting and promised the talent transparency that some of them don't feel has existed under the previous regime. He also said that he wants open lines of communication between himself and talent. Waiting for hours for the opportunity to maybe speak to Vince McMahon had become commonplace in recent years, with face time with him dwindling. We were also told that Triple H said that he wants work to be fun.

We'll work to learn more from those who were at the meeting, but the general consensus has been positive.

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