Trish Stratus Is Honored, Not Bothered, By The New Generation Of Talent Using Her Moves

If you're expecting every legend to be upset about modern day wrestlers using their moves, don't count Trish Stratus among them.

In recent weeks, the likes of Taz and Sean Waltman have both sounded off on younger wrestlers asking permission for moves. Any number of wresters fall on different sides of the coin, but in a recent interview with Fightful, WWE Hall of Famer and legend Trish Stratus told us that she looks at it as an honor, and has had several women have discussions with her about adopting moves.

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"Yeah, I’ve had that happen for sure. I know Melina, the first time she did the Matrix, she called me and asked. She cleared it, “is it cool if I use it?” I said absolutely. So that’s cool. Then, Liv does the Matrix as well. And Carmella, we had a conversation about how she does the Stratusphere in the corner, so it’s great. It’s an honor that people are taking that and that’s what it’s all about, is the business is taking things and having things preserved. It cements the legacy," Stratus told us.

At this point, it's not surprising that Stratus influenced a large portion of this generation, considering she got her start almost 20 years ago. Without knowing where each wrestler specifically comes from, and what kind of introduction to the business they have, Stratus said that it's still flattering to hear that the work that she put in helped mold the women's division of today.

"It takes you back," said Stratus. "The first time it happened was Royal Rumble. I’d been away from the scene and Royal Rumble, literally every female was there. And just to hear like, “man, you meant so much to me.” You kinda don’t know because I’ve been in mom life, or my business life, and not really in the world. So I don’t really know what people’s backgrounds or how they are influenced and things like that. It’s humbling and it’s also gratifying to know that the blood, sweat, and tears that we put in back then made an impact, made a difference and it’s like okay, we did our work."

The Royal Rumble wasn't Stratus' only 2018 appearance, as she also had a feature match at Evolution. In the "never say never" business of pro wrestling, we asked if there was anyone that she was surprised to see on or at the show.

"Not really.I think the crew we had there I’d expect. I keep in touch with most of the people. I didn’t think it wasn’t too much of a long shot for those people to come back," she said.

After our talk, Stratus would go on to drop her match to Charlotte Flair at Summerslam, perhaps inspiring a new generation of talent along the way.

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