Update On Forgotten Sons Return To WWE TV, Status

The Forgotten Sons might be remembered pretty soon.

The trio has been off television for months, after Jaxson Ryker tweeted support for President Donald Trump amid racial injustice tensions and protests throughout the country. The comments gained the ire of many on the WWE roster and they've not been seen since.

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Fightful Select reported the following.

We're told that internally, there were plans being thrown around to bring the Forgotten Sons back to television soon. We're not sure what they are or if Jaxson Ryker would be involved, but have been told Edge has provided some advice to them. Creative was told to come up with ideas for the team.

In addition, we've heard that WWE has started the main roster contract process with all three members. It should be noted that Ryker has been left off roster sheets in recent months, but Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake have been on them. Ryker has been back home in North Carolina for months.

We've not heard a time table for the return of the team.

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