Update On LA Knight-WWE Contract Extension Talks

WWE wants to keep LA Knight around for the long haul. But a deal is not close to being done.

Fightful Select has learned around the time of WWE Summerslam that WWE made recent overtures towards LA Knight to re-sign with the company, in an attempt to extend his WWE contract for several years. However, at that time been told that LA Knight’s deal is nowhere near done, and it would be well ahead of a possible expiration -- which would have been late 2024 or early 2025. In most cases lately, WWE has waited until deals are much closer to offer a new contract. PWInsider reported today that they were finalizing a deal. We’re told that some of the initial offers were countered. We have not confirmed this signing at all.

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There were reports that the company was waiting for the deal to go through before doing forward with his push, but there was over a year left on his current deal.

We're told that the two sides are still apart on a deal.

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