Update On Retribution, Mercedes Martinez, Additional Members

You may have noticed Retribution has less members now than before the WWE Draft. It doesn't look like they'll be adding more soon.

Mercedes Martinez, known briefly as Retaliation as a part of the group, is no longer in Retribution. As Fightful Select reported recently, word backstage was that Mercedes asked out of the faction.

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As of the end of October, there were no plans on adding another female member of Retribution. The word among talent is that Mercedes Martinez extended her desire to no longer be a part of the angle and was removed from the group before they all signed new contracts. There were briefly names tossed around from NXT as potentially joining the group before deciding to stick with things as they are for the time being.

Ali was the last member to join the group, revealing himself as the mastermind behing Retribution in October. Mustafa Ali said this week he'd welcome Ricochet to join Retribution as well.

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