Vince McMahon Insisted On Goldberg Using The Jackhammer In 2020

Goldberg hasn't had the best Jackhammers the past couple of years, but it would appear he knows that.

Fightful Select reported recently that it was actually Vince McMahon who wanted Goldberg to use the move in recent years, specifically his match against the Fiend in 2020:

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With Goldberg appearing on WWE programming, we've started to learn some older stories from his previous runs. Goldberg told Fox Sports that his Jackhammer against Undertaker is one he'd take back, and other sources told us that Goldberg actually wasn't gung-ho on the idea of doing the Jackhammer to Bray Wyatt during their 2020 match as his shoulder was banged up. Another source told us that Bray Wyatt was on board with simply using a spear, and everything seemed agreed upon with both Wyatt and Goldberg. However, Vince McMahon was adamant on Goldberg using the Jackhammer to win the match, which is what would eventually happen. It was a less than impressive finish, but much like the lack of ad libbing in his Drew McIntyre promo upon his return, was another case of Goldberg just doing what the company asked of him from those we spoke with.

Goldberg would do a Jackhammer during his Royal Rumble match against Drew McIntyre as well.

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