Vince McMahon Loved Raw Match, Why Matt Riddle Name Change Happened

Matt Riddle is just...."Riddle" now.

He didn't appear on this week's episode of WWE Raw, but it seems like he made a pretty good impression on Vince McMahon during an otherwise tumultous time personally. The move to drop the first name came from Vince McMahon himself, according to Fightful Select:

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The Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus match didn't just get acclaim from fans and critics. Fightful has been told that Vince McMahon particularly was "fired up" about the match, and was complimentary after it closed to those involved. It was said that upon arriving backstage after the match, Sheamus, Matt Riddle, and WWE producers were all very positive about the match.

It seems as if the match particularly had a big impression on McMahon, as he made the call to change Matt Riddle's in-ring name to "Riddle," and pitched a more serious character presentation. We're told Riddle was supportive of the idea.

Sheamus was on Raw this week, dropping a triple threat match to Braun Strowman on the show.

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