Vince McMahon Said Shane McMahon Would Never Get Another Pop As Long As He Ran WWE

Shane McMahon has been out of favor with WWE since a chaotic Royal Rumble that left a lot of WWE Superstars generally unhappy completely separate of his involvement.

As reported back in February, Shane McMahon was removed from his involvement in WWE after he attempted to make too many changes to the WWE Royal Rumble match. Brock Lesnar, among others, took issue with the adjustments, and reports of Shane being "unprofessional" emerged. Beyond that, general chaos and confusion about Shane McMahon's number and entrance ensued, resulting in him actually going out when Randy Orton was slated to enter.

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Vince McMahon himself was said to have made the decision to part ways with Shane McMahon in a professional capacity in WWE. Those close to Vince noted he went as far as to say Shane "would never get another pop in this company as long as I'm around." That same person said they fully believed that to be in the heat of the moment and that wouldn't necessarily end up being the case. They did say that McMahon's frustration with Shane was "extreme, but justified," and said once Shane McMahon compromised Brock Lesnar's satisfaction with a match, that was the end of the line.

In the aftermath of Vince McMahon retiring, a lot of people who have worked closely near him have been far more willing to speak on situations like these.

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