Vince Russo's Raw Blog: Best Of Seven? I Don't Want To See It Once!

If I have to watch RAW each, and every week as part of my job, it would be a helluva lot more enjoyable if I actually LIKED IT! I do want to like it, I really do, but for me to like watching the show---the writers have to LOVE writing it. And, appearing by the motions that they seem to be going through on a weekly basis---they just don't. Minus the appearance of the Demon King, just another lackluster show. One of the weakest builds to a SummerSlam I've ever witnessed.


  • Good change of pace opening up with a shot of Seth Rollins outside of arena.
  • There was a sense of urgency starting the show hot with Rusev and Lana in the ring. Anything the WWE does outside of their cookie-cutter tendencies is a good thing. Foley DRESSED AS Foley is much better. WTF is Stephanie wearing? I think I saw Edith Bunker wearing that once. Rusev vs. Reigns is just coming out of nowhere.
  • Sheamus vs. Sami Zayn--Here come the string of matches with no stories. Ah, nothing like a fake fight without any meaning. TAXI!
  • Why even bother naming moves any more if they don't beat anybody. They're not important.
  • Cesaro vs. Shamus BEST OF SEVEN? I don't want to see it once!
  • Dudleys vs. New Day--2nd meaningless match. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gallows vignettes are both creative and entertaining. They should be being booked to get some heat going into SummerSlam, however.
  • I'll never understand why they are interviewing these jobbers. For an Olympic reference? And---WHY promote the Olympics on the other channel?
  • I was excited for a second when I thought the Heath Slater business was going to save us from another Paul Heyman saying the same thing--over and over again--but, unfortunately it didn't.
  • If you want to be, train, then become a wrestler--why would you run from other wrestlers?
  • Glad to see them FINALLY use the WHOLE building.
  • Darren Young/Titus O'Neil reunion/break-up--guess it was their creative way to give Shining Stars win. OK. Whatever. I'm about half a Bubba Kush in right now, so what I'm trying to say is I don't care.
  • Neville is far more impressive between the ropes than Finn Balor.
  • I think the Demon King entrance is spectacular---thus why I have an issue with Balor not being the character full-time. Here's another thing, if Balor and King have the same entrance music, aren't the fans going to POOP ON IT when the music hits and Balor appears instead of King? Just askin'. Felt Rollins shouldn't have gotten any offense in, and why didn't the show end with this.
  • Just don't know why the heels aren't getting the heat before SummerSlam. If the babies already got their comeuppance--why am I watching SummerSlam?
  • Finally a heel, Charlotte, gets some heat. Heels always need the heat going into the big show, or there's no reason to watch.
  • Rusev/Reigns worked their [email protected]#$% off! Good psychological match, but just way too many false finishes for me. Still don't know why they would give this match away before SummerSlam. The selling of PPVs is not the same in 2016, due to the WWE Network. I get it . . . but, that doesn't mean I have to agree with it.

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