Vince Russo's Raw Review: You Can't Force Feed An Audience In 2016

RAW got off to a promising start with a backstage interview between Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon that seemed to add some depth from last week's story. However, shortly thereafter, Owens cut a Wrestling 101 promo on the crowd to force their boos, Stephanie tipped the angle by trying to suspend Rollins and Triple H was nowhere to be found.

It was all downhill from there.

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  • Great Mick Foley/Stephanie McMahon pre-tape in opening up the show. Really well done. A story with levels is always a GOOD story. Excellent on both parts.
  • Kevin Owens in a suit is a breath of fresh air.
  • There goes Vince, trying to force Owens as the heel. Vince needs to learn ORGANIC. You can't force feed an audience in 2016. Reigns experiment should have taught him that.
  • Just hate the done-to-death heel turn on the crowd. Let the characters just be the characters. As long as the fans react--you win.
  • Reigns should have been a part of that first segment---in my opinion.
  • Think Stephanie showed her hand by trying to suspend Rollins.
  • Just wish they'd try to write a show without commercials during matches. Just once.
  • If wrestling was a shoot, I just don't see anybody "legitimately" beating Charlotte. I just think she's that good.
  • Nice selling by Bayley!
  • I like Bo Dallas, but a Bo Dallas Squash match is a little much.
  • Rollins/Jericho would have been more interesting with stakes.
  • Just not into the Sheamus/Cesaro best of 7. Sorry.
  • It troubles me that they seem to have no apparent plan/program currently for Cass/Enzo.
  • Announcer's need to be careful about slighting Mae Young/hand segment. That was ALL VINCE'S idea!
  • I would have never beaten Enzo/Cass. The money IS NOT in the Shining Stars.
  • Old Day Segment was just BRUTALLY BAD.
  • RAW has taken a crashing nose dive since opening segment. Again--a creative issue, not a talent one.
  • Darren Young, Titus, Strowman squashes--nobody cares.
  • All you can ask with any TV show is that the writers/producers care. I'm just not sure VKM does any more. That's all.
  • I feel Sasha dissed a lot of the women performers before her. They didn't book the "bra-n-panties" matches---the writers did in order to help WIN A WAR! Sexuality always has, and always will sell. Especially when the women involved worked hard at, and were proud of their bodies. Bra-n-panties is basically another name for a BIKINI. If a man looks at a woman wearing one is he now SEXIST? Give me a break. Maybe the guys should wrestle in long pants and shirts too. Ridiculous.
  • I thought Owens and Zayn were done fighting. Didn't the WWE promote that just two months ago at BattleField?
  • Another 3-way, no Triple H . . . OUY-VAY.

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