Vinny Pacifico Talks First Appearance In AEW, Says He Loves Working With The Company

Vinny Pacifico talks his first appearance with AEW.

Back in 2020, popular independent star Vinny Pacifico made his debut with All Elite Wrestling on a episode of AEW Dark. On the episode of Dark, Pacifico wrestled Wardlow in a sixty second squash match.

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Pacifico was a part of a long list of independent stars who made their debut with AEW during the "COVID" era of the company. In a new interview with Fightful, Pacifico told the story about he sort of lucked into his AEW booking after having other bookings canceled in Orlando.

"That first one during COVID, it was a crazy time. I’ll just say it; I had two other bookings down in Orlando. Due to COVID, they got canceled. I let AEW know I was going to be there, also. ‘Hey, I’m gonna be down there anyway. Just letting you know.’ But I had a bunch of things on down there anyway. Driving down, brought my fiancé with me, we had Universal tickets. I love Universal. So we had that all going down. We were getting ready to leave, I got an e-mail saying these two shows I already had were canceled due to COVID. I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ This killed me mentally. But I’m like, ‘Screw it. It’s vacation. Let’s have a good time, let’s go down there and make the most of it.’ I always believe make the most of anything. We drove down to Florida. Again, I let AEW know prior. I’m in Olivander’s, buying a wand, at Universal. I got an e-mail from AEW, ‘Be here Wednesday. You need a negative COVID test.’ That was it. That’s great. I love that. It’s mood changing, you know? I wasn’t a Harry Potter fan then. My fiance’s a big fan. So we’re there. I’m like, ‘This is okay.’ Then she’s getting Butterbeer, I get the text and I go back with a smile on my face. She goes, ‘Why are you so happy?’ I go, ‘I just got booked.’ Went from Orlando to Jacksonville, got an AirBNB there. Gorgeous. Big pool. I wanted to make sure it was good for both of us ‘cause I was getting the opportunity, I wanted to reward her. ‘I got this AirBNB for us. You got a pool she can lay at while I’m gone.’ It was a really cool opportunity. Again, I love working with AEW. I’m sure you hear how great it is. It’s special. Working with Ring of Honor in the past, a lot of people I know are there now. That locker room hits every time. The best."

Elsewhere in the interview, Pacifico commented on his partnership with BANG Energy. Fans can learn more by clicking here.

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