Where Karrion Kross' Name Came From | Exclusive

If you don't like Killer Kross' new WWE name, don't blame WWE.

Kross debuted on WWE TV last week, attacking Tommaso Ciampa in a backstage segment. Shortly thereafter, "Karrion Kross" merchandise appeared on WWE Shop, leading to much discussion about the new name. Many suspected that WWE didn't want the term "Killer" on the air, but from what Fightful Select learned, the idea came from Kross.

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We're told the Karrion Kross name was Kross' idea as opposed to WWE's. "Carrion" is the decaying flesh of dead animals, so FYI, there ya go. There are also ties to Latin and Greek mythology and "Kharon" in the name. Kharon was the ferryman of Hades who carried the souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron. Kross also has a tattoo of "Kheiron" on his back.

Fightful has also learned that WWE initially seemed open to the idea of using the "Killer Kross" name anyway. In the past, WWE has used the names Killer Kelly, Killer Khan among others, with Kelly actually only leaving the company recently.

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