Why Impact Bound For Glory Changed Planned Location And Date

IMPACT Bound For Glory is running in Albany, not Danbury, but it wasn't always supposed to be that way.

Weeks ago, Fightful Select reported that Danbury, CT was the landing spot for IMPACT Bound For Glory 2022 on October 8. However, the company announced Albany, New York for October 7 this week. The show is just two hours up the road, and we've learned why the change took place.

AEW Battle Of The Belts IV Scheduled To Air On 10/7, AEW Rampage Goes Against WWE SmackDown

WWE's Extreme Rules PPV is taking place on October 8, and the company didn't want to go directly against their show. Instead, the PPV was moved to Friday for the first time in the event's history. However, the venue wasn't available in Danbury for the nights IMPACT needed, so they opted to run Albany instead. Talent had been informed months ago that the original plans were in Danbury.

IMPACT Wrestling hasn't run an event in Albany since 2012.

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