Why Jessamyn Duke Isn't In The WWE Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Jessamyn Duke has appeared on TV for WWE Raw, NXT and the UFC, but it looks like her sights are set on the gaming world once again.

Fightful Select inquired within WWE about why Jessamyn Duke wasn't in this year's Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic, and were given a simple answer -- she has other obligations WWE wants her to fulfill.

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As reported on Fightful Select recently:

Many have been asking about the status of Jessamyn Duke after not being teamed with Marina Shafir in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament. Duke hasn't wrestled since her Raw Underground appearance, but we're told she's not injured. Instead, she's been focusing on creating content for the UpUpDownDown brand. Duke was a full-time game streamer when she was hired by WWE, and effectively creates digital content full time for WWE now, and was said to have preferred that role over wrestling in the current climate.

We're told that NXT's plan from the start was to have Shafir team with someone else and there are no imminent plans for Duke to wrestle or creatively figure into NXT plans while she's working on UpUpDownDown.

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