Wikipedia Fact Check With EC3!

Welcome to's new exclusive feature Wikipedia True Or False? In this feature, we'll ask some of your favorite wrestlers, fighters, boxers and personalities the stories behind their Wikipedia pages, and if some of the listings are in fact true or false. To be able to check out's Wikipedia True Or False? in the future, make sure to register with the us, absolutely free. Our first guest is former TNA Champion and former WWE Superstar EC3.

WIKI: On July 24, 2006 EC3 appeared at the Heat tapings prior to Raw, where he teamed with Chris Cronus in a loss to Viscera and Charlie Haas.

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EC3: "That is true, and I remember that Mr. McMahon wasn't there that day. The only person from the head of the office was John Laurinaitis, because Stephanie and Hunter had their first child that day. I was still questioning what I was even doing there at the time. Nobody probably watched Heat at the time, so it probably wasn't a detriment for halfway through my career. At the time, I was the Absolute Intense Wrestling Champion, and I recall Viscera asking 'Which one of you wants to get your ass beat?' and I said 'Well Vis, I'm the champ around here,' and he said 'cool, I'm gonna beat you.' I kinda wanted to get beat, so I could be seen more. Politics."

Fightful: Was that during his dry humping days? Did you get dry humped?

EC3: "I don't think I did. I know I got German suplexed."

Fightful: Oh, that's something you would remember. 

EC3: "Yeah, I don't think I got dry humped. Maybe Cronus did!"

WIKI: He also appeared on Raw in August 2006, as a police officer with Shane McMahon who were to arrest D-Generation X.

EC3: True "Those darn DX'ers and their crazy high jinks needed a stop put to them, so I went out and got my police license real fast with my good friends Cesaro and Darren Young and we all became cops for the day to put the screws to DX. Funny story, I almost jumped in too early in that shot, but Shane McMahon pulled be back. That's live tv, that probably would have sucked. Thanks, Shane.

WIKI: Made pro wrestling debut in 2002

EC3: "I don't know, maybe. I don't know if you consider your debut in a parking lot on the west side of Cleveland where they're playing your theme music out of a car stereo. What was I, 19 at the time?"

WIKI: You are 6'1", 246 pounds.

EC3: "246?!? Jeez. I am on the brink of 6'1", shoot. I'm pretty jacked, but I'm pretty lean. I roll around 225 at the most. Right now I'm probably 225. I've never been over 230 unless I'm on a bender eating or drinking, but it all comes off really fast. That is (false). Jeremy Borash announces me at this crazy weight, and I'm like 'I'm shoot jacked, you don't need to embelish.'"

WIKI: EC3 used an airplane spin on the indy circuit as a finish

EC3: False. "That's not true at all. I didn't use an airplane spin at all until Daniel Bryan taught me that in NXT. I maybe used a TKO version on the indies, but not a finish. Fiction. You didn't bring up the fact that I'm not in a movie it says I'm in."

Fightful: It must have been taken off!

EC3: "Finally! I hope I don't get that secret SAG card taken from me. For years it says I was in a movie called House of the Devil, which is a movie I've never seen or heard of. That was fiction, and it's been taken care of. I'm sure there are other fallacies out there. I don't look at the wikipedia and hate the fact that thing exists. If you can't source it for a college essay, it's worthless.

Wikipedia didn't do so hot. Only about 2.5 out of the five entries ended up being true. Ouch, wikipedia. 

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