WWE Fears Randy Orton Could Miss The Rest Of 2022; Original Summerslam Plans

Things aren't looking great for Randy Orton these days.

Fightful has learned that Orton has been dealing with a back injury for quite some time, to the point he actually had work done to improve his condition before the tag team title unification match, though we aren't sure of the extent of the "work" that was done. We're told that things have gotten progressively worse, and WWE fears that Orton will be forced to undergo a surgery. WWE sources that we spoke to said that if that happens, Orton would likely be out of action the rest of 2022. Thus far the exact injury is unknown.

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Fightful has been told that Randy Orton isn't factored into creative plans for WWE at the moment, after being slated for a huge role this summer. Orton appeared on a recent internal injury report for the company, and has been off WWE television since his title loss to the Usos on May 20. His former tag team partner Riddle has been moved into a title program with Roman Reigns, that we're told was pitched for Orton. As of last month, Orton had been pitched and heavily figured in to Summerslam plans, which are now completely off

Randy Orton was confirmed as having an "upcoming operation" by his former partner Riddle on Smackdown. There is no serious timetable for his return.

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