WWE Higher Ups Happy With Natalya After Stepping Up In India

Natalya was getting praise after her appearances in India over last weekend.

The veteran was scheduled to face Rhea Ripley in a World Championship match at the India live event on September 7, but ended up getting even more. Becky Lynch was abruptly prevented from traveling to the country due to a tear in her passport, and was removed from the show. Originally, Becky Lynch was scheduled to face Zoey Stark, who she had been linked with on television for quite some time.

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There were other options discussed, but WWE had limited female wrestlers scheduled to travel to the country. We’re told that a triple threat match was briefly considered, but Natalya eventually stepped up and said she was willing to work twice on the show. WWE higher ups that we heard from put her over heavily for doing so, with one telling us it displayed leadership and helped them out of a bind.

Natalya's creative just a couple days later changed heavily, as her Main Event tapings match was canceled. She was booked to appear in a backstage segment.

The following week, she was booked in an NXT Title match on Raw against

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