WWE Nixed WWE Raw Skit That Was Similar To Controversial MJF Situation

WWE Raw had a nixed angle from March 6

There was originally a segment in which a wrestler would throw a drink in another's face during a match on Raw. Throughout the day there were some backstage that heard of the plans and thought that it was a shot at AEW, or a reference to MJF throwing a drink on a child at AEW Revolution. We can confirm, however, that this was already in the plans that were sent to many within WWE even before AEW Revolution went on the air, as much of the creative structure was done by that show.

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The segment never ended up happening, however, it was still included in some of the outlined plans as of Monday afternoon and evening. However, one WWE talent theorized that the segment likely was nixed as a result of the AEW/MJF spot.

We didn't get a confirmation in the days that followed about this being the reason why it was nixed, but were told "that would be a fair assumption, it was getting the same reaction backstage" by a source familiar with the situation

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