Xia Li Pulled From Kickboxing Fight, More Backstage News On Her

If you're looking for results of the advertised Xia Li kickboxing fight and couldn't find it, that's because it didn't happen.

Xia Li was removed from her fight when WWE caught wind of it, as Fightful Select reported:

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Xia Li was scheduled for an amateur kickboxing fight recently that WWE only learned of days before it was set to happen, and only heard about it when word dropped online. WWE pulled her from the event, which was said to have upset her. All of those that we spoke to within the company understood why WWE would pull her, but that she didn't understand why and thought that WWE "wasn't giving her respect."

She should be credited heavily for being on NXT more often. Several within NXT have told us that Xia Li grew frustrated from not being used much on NXT TV after years with the company and went directly to Triple H to express that she felt ready for an opportunity. We aren't sure verbatim how the conversation went, but we'd heard from others in NXT that said Triple H appreciated the initiative, and Xia Li was adamant that she could hold her own if trusted with an opportunity.

Xia has been a featured regular on NXT since, but hasn't picked up a win since back in April.

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