Grizzled Young Vets: We Haven't Signed With Anyone Yet, That’s Not To Say That Is How Things Will Remain

James Drake and Zack Gibson provide an update on their current status.

The Grizzled Young Veterans have been a hot topic of discussion in the world of wrestling as of late, as the duo have been traveling around the world, competing in promotions like House Of Glory, Pro Wrestling REVOLVER, and PROGRESS Wrestling.

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The duo of Drake and Gibson recently sat down with Fightful for a new interview. In the chat, the team was asked about their current contract status with TNA, which prompted Gibson to note that they haven't signed an exclusive contract with any company just yet.

Gibson: Changes backstage is something that we’ve got very used to [laughs] in the last 24 months. Maybe it’s us. Maybe we show up and that’s what happens. We are still current independent. We have not signed exclusively with anyone just yet, but that’s not to say that that’s how things will remain. We just wanted to stay independent just for a little while, just because of what we’d just been doing. We’re enjoying exploring, we’re enjoying casting the net out and exploring our options. If we get a good enough offer from somewhere, we’re gonna hear it, and we’re gonna seriously consider it. So that’s more or less where we’re at right now.

James Drake: Yeah, definitely. Just to kind of echo what Zack’s saying, we decided to leave WWE on our own terms, and that wasn’t something overnight. That was something we were thinking about for a long time, and it is a big decision, so we don’t want to just hop from one thing to another without really thinking about what we want to do. It sounds so surreal and I don’t know, I guess cliche, but it feels as though out here in America, with the independent circuit, we’re kind of starting again on the independent circuit. We go back and forth to the UK, we do RevPro, PROGRESS Wrestling, and we’ve done a few others that we did while we were growing up in wrestling, and that’s still home to us, but now we’re green-card-holders. We live in America, we have our wives, we have families out here, and it’s just so much bigger. You hear this, and you kind of go, ‘Okay, whatever.’ But once you get your feet on the ground and you start going for it, you’re looking at the east to west coast, and you’re looking at all the things in between, and it’s just such a big, big scene, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it right now. I’m enjoying seeing different climates of wrestling fans as well, what works in a certain place, what wouldn’t work in another place. Also, hidden gems as well, certain talent that you’ve never heard of because they’re not really talent on social media, but wow, there’s some real hidden gems out there.

The duo of Drake and Gibson are set to challenge ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) for the TNA World Tag Team Championships at the upcoming No Surrender event. Learn more about the lineup for the show here.

Fans can check out Fightful's full interview with the Grizzled Young Veterans in the video linked above.

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