Zicky Dice Recalls Wrestling Lance Archer On AEW Dark, Says He Could Appear In AEW Again

Zicky Dice talks about wrestling Lance Archer on AEW programming and doesn't rule out showing up again in AEW at some point in the future.

Zicky Dice has been outspoken about wanting to be on AEW television. Moreover, Zicky Dice wants to be on an elevated platform and garner more attention for his brand.

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Zicky Dice used to be signed to the NWA. Recently, Zicky was backstage at an NWA show, promoting his upcoming Outlandish Paradise show. Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp, Zicky does his brief appearance backstage went well and even joked about starting a band with Smashing Pumpkins frontman and NWA owner Billy Corgan.

“I was backstage at NWA. How was it? I have a show to promote. I was out there passing out some flyers and I said, 'let me stop in and say hello.' It was a great time. I got to see some old friends. Shook some hands, gave some hugs, I was out of there. A little hit and run. Everything is great. Billy wants to start a band with Zicky, I said, 'we can talk about that, maybe a few music videos down the way.' I did hit the catering, the food was a little stale, but it was great.”

Reflecting on his match against Lance Archer on AEW Dark, Zicky recalled having a great time during his experience there, despite wearing a suit in the Jacksonville heat.

“They told me my match was going to be later on, I was helping myself to the Nightmare bar in the hallway, pouring out something before the match to get loose, I thought I had a few hours to kill. Next thing you know, I'm getting pulled by my curls and thrown out, the pyro is almost burning my gooch hair on fire,” Zicky joked. “That's all I really remember from there. How is Lance doing after the match? He doing alright?”

He continued, revealing that it was Sean Dean that brought him into the promotion after he stopped by a Nightmare Factory student showcase.

“I had a great time at AEW. It was awesome to be there. They have a great crew behind the scenes and everyone is so kind and polite. The whole vibe there is incredible. I was very grateful to be there. I always get these little goals in my career, little by little, and it's cool to finally cross those off my list and see where you stand. Back to the drawing board and time to whoop some ass. Doesn't mean I won't show up there again.

“It was Shawn Dean who brought me in. I went and checked out a Nightmare Factory student show, I went to stop by and hang out. A few days later, Shawn Dean hit me up and was like, 'Hey, want to come through?' 'Lets do it.' I wore a suit in Jacksonville in June and I didn't take that sucker off. IT WAS HOT! It was a great experience and shortly after that is when MLW reached out and IMPACT, I've been working Gallows' shows Lariato Pro, and Scott (D'Amore) was around there. Everything lined up the way it was supposed to.”

Having signed a multi-year agreement with IMPACT, Zicky knows where his home promotion is but also has the freedom to work all of these events and more.

You can learn more about Zicky’s time as a free agent and his reasoning for choosing to sign with IMPACT Wrestling at this link.

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