Fake Razor Ramon Says Shawn Michaels Helped With Character

The Fake Razor Ramon is one of the more infamous characters in WWF history, and didn't exactly pan out the way the company would have hoped.

Real name Rick Bognar, he would also wrestle as Big Titan. Considering he was coming in to "replace" one of Shawn Michaels' friend, Titan figured he would face political issues with the "Heartbreak Kid." Couple that with the fact that he was a friend of Bret Hart's, it surprised Titan when Shawn Michaels actually helped him learn how to throw punches like Razor Ramon. 

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Titan spoke about it on a recent episode of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast (credit to them for the submitted transcript):

“It was really interesting because I thought he would just treat me like a bag of crap when I went in there and I had heard rumors of him having a bit of an attitude and being a problem. I know Bret and him had some heat and I was friends with Bret and I thought that this guy is going to be a real jerk."

"The way I threw a punch was very ridged and power based and Scott Hall was very loose and floppy and relaxed and it is a big difference in physicality and if anyone can take some really credit for having taught me how to do a couple of things, I would say it was him. He was so polite about it and I was shocked. The blood about drained out of my face and I couldn't believe it because he was one of my idols too when I was watching before I broke in."

"To me that was almost one of the peaks of my career I'd have to say because I have so much respect for him. He had done it so gentlemanly and it was just really cool. We never had any heat and we never had any problems and I don't know that maybe he did think less of me because of the whole takeover thing but I actually think he had some compassion where thought that I've been in lousy spots before in my career and this poor guy is trying to make it. I think he was pretty good hearted about it."

Titan would portray the character for about a half-year before abandoning it without much success. He would, however, have a match with Bret Hart on Monday Night Raw, in addition to getting a tag team championship match on WWF PPV. He'd also wrestle on the Survivor Sereis, Royal Rumble and AAA Rey De Reyes shows in the role.

 Make sure to check out the full interview with Rick Titan from the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast at this link.

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