Father James Mitchell Says That His Run In The NWA Has 'Renewed His Love Of The Wrestling Business'

Father James Mitchell is loving his run in the NWA.

Since 2021, Father James Mitchell has been enjoying a run in the NWA alongside Judais. Alongside Mitchell, Judais has picked up wins over the likes of Sal Rinauro, Jamie Stanley, and Mercurio.

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Mitchell recently sat down with the Under The Ring podcast and spoke about his current run in the NWA, saying that it has renewed his love of the wrestling business.

“I love it. I love it. It’s renewed my love of the wrestling business, which I had kind of lost for a little while, I got disenchanted. It’s a great locker room and a great product. I really think people, if you haven’t given it a shot yet, you should really check out the NWA wrestling product."

Mitchell went on to compare the NWA's product to WWE's product, saying that the former doesn't have scripted promos.

“Creatively, it’s been great. One of the things that sets NWA’s product apart from, say the WWE, is that you don’t have scripted promos. You have a lot of freedom to be yourself, Billy does not try to turn you into something you’re not or put words in your mouth that don’t belong there. You can generally tell, no matter how good the performer is, that you had to rehearse three pages of dialogue plus remember what he’s going to do in his match. It’s takes the edge off of both really, so there’s a lot of creative freedom, but Billy does put a lot of emphasis on the promo aspect of it.”

Mitchell also praised the roster before noting that the company also has amazing agents backstage such as Tom Prichard, Jazz, and Madusa.

“The roster is great, we’ve got amazing agents back there, we’ve got people like Tom Prichard, Jazz, Madusa… it’s just a great environment and a mixture of new fresh talent with the older guys being able to mentor them as in-ring wrestlers or just as agents, giving their creative input. I have not had a bad day there since I started and my only regret is that I’m not there more often because right now, we’re on a limited taping schedule. Yeah, it’s been nothing but a great time and it’s given me a second life.”

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