Fight Size Update: Boss And Hug Connection, Woken Word Of The Week, WWE Hits Milestone

This is the Fight Size Update for the morning of July 31st.

- Yesterday, Pro Wrestling Unlimited reported on the rumors of Hulk Hogan in Miami, Florida where Raw was being filmed and it turns out he was there to shoot a music video which Pro Wrestling Unlimited discusses in the video at the top of this page.

- There are two new editions of Making a Finisher available to Fightful Select subscribers which include Abyss and Hangman Page describing how they created their finishers.

- With the news of Hogan being in Miami being all over the internet, the Immortal One himself shared this video poking fun at the situation.

- In this video from the WWE YouTube, Brock Lesnar assaults Mike Rome for doing his job and asking about his WWE Universal Championship match at SummerSlam.

- "Prepossessing" is the newest Woken Word of the Week which is a new series WWE has being trying out on social media.

- Bayley and Sasha Banks seem to have worked everything out now that they are the "Boss and Hug Connection"

- WWE announced in this tweet that the company's YouTube channel has hit 30 million subscribers.

- Apollo Crews and the rest of Titus Worldwide were celebrating backstage after Crew defeated Akam of the Authors of Pain.

- As tradition, Triple H sent a custom WWE Championship to Real Madrid after the club's Champions League victory.

- The Revival tell Mike Rowe in this interview how their victory over the B-Team is only one more example of why they are the best.