Here is your Fight Size update for the evening of 11/17/19.

- WWE posted the Top 5 Adam Cole moments in NXT. See it embedded above.

- Hulk Hogan posted a photo of the "hardware" recently removed from his back. Ouch, brother!

- Sonya Deville spoke to CBS 2 Los Angeles discussing the importance of embracing your truth.

- WWE Network News is reporting that a new episode of "WWE Untold," focusing on Sting's final match against Seth Rollins at WWE Night Of Champions 2015:

WWE Untold – Sting’s Last Stand

For the first time in his legendary 30-year career, Sting challenged for the WWE Championship. “The Vigilante”, Seth Rollins and more reveal the never-before-told stories behind what became The Stinger’s final match.

- AJ Lee recently tweeted that she's been offline. She asked what she's missed. Poor girl has been missing out on the 2006 Fantastic Four Cartoon on Disney+. How's she going to know when it's clobberin' time?

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- Dave Meltzer touched on Kairi Sane's contract on today's Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave didn't specify any details on Sane's contract end-date, he said she's "been exploring her options."

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