Fight-size Wrestling Update: New Day, Slammys, Jerry Lawler, Reigns Eats Giant Lobster, More

Your Fight-size Wrestling Update for December 14

- WWE posted a video highlighting New Day's tag team title reign record, which you can see above.

- Roman Reigns ate a 7 pound lobster at Jimmy's Famous Seafood. Yep.

- Jerry Lawler was recording at CrossTrax Studios this week.

- Sam Roberts will appear as a guest on this week's WWE Roablock pre-show.

- Stephanie McMahon appeared on behalf of WWE at a meeting for Vice President Joe Biden's "Cancer Moonshot" program today.

- Today's Smackdown Youtube rankings are delayed due to a statistical error from Youtube.

- WWE isn't currently planning a 2016 Slammy Awards.

- Brandon Howard released his latest feature taking a look at social media comparisons of indy promotions. See it at this link!

- You can see the latest episode of "Most Ridiculous With Anna Bauert" below!

- A reminder to vote for Fightful, Sean Ross Sapp, Brandon Howard and Jeff Hawkins in the Sheety Awards at this link!

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