Fight-size Wrestling Update: Rosa Mendes Return, Ospreay Injured, Paige Interview, ECW Venue Closing, Undertaker, More

Your Fight-size Wrestling Update for August 1!

- Paige participated in an interview at Comic Con, where she said she hoped the brand split caused a much easier travel schedule

- Will Ospreay is injured and was pulled from NORTH Wrestling's show in Newcastlye Saturday. Ospreay injured his shoulder during a WCPW show.

- The Undertaker will appear in the new Scooby Doo/WWE film: Curse Of The Speed Demon.

- The Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio is shutting down. The venue was the home of ECW HeatWave 98.

- John Cena will hosted the Teen Choice Awards last night on FOX

- Jinder Mahal will be backstage at Raw tonight.

- Rosa Mendes has been training at the Performance Center for a comeback.

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