Fightful Launches "The Distraction" Youtube Channel

You absolutely didn't ask for it, but you're getting it anyway.

With the success of the The Distraction Podcast and whatever the hell else they're doing while we aren't looking, Fightful has rebranded its former MMA channel into a dedicated channel for "The Distraction," hosted by Joe Hulbert and Jeremy Lambert. Quite frankly, I am not sure of the schedule and couldn't be arsed to ask them about it. I'm sure they'll let you know. You can now find the channel Fightful MMA's video coverage now takes place in the form of Fightful Fight Night, watching along with the biggest fights in boxing and MMA as they happen.

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When reached for comment, Fightful minority-share owner Sean Ross Sapp, who definitely didn't write this article, said the following:

“It has been said that anything can happen Fightful, but now more than ever, truer words have never been spoken. This is a conscious effort on our part to “Open the Creative Envelope”, so to speak, in order to entertain you in a more contemporary manner. Even though we call ourselves “Sports Entertainment” and not "journalism," because of the athleticism involved, the keyword in that phrase is the loosely used “Entertainment”. Fightful extends far beyond the strict confines of sports presentation into the wide open environment of broad based entertainment. We borrow from such programs niches like soap-operas, like “The Days of Our Lives”, or, music videos such as those not on on MTV, Daytime talk-shows like “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and others, cartoons like “Whatever Commander Azeez is doing," Sitcoms like “WWE Raw”, and other widely accepted forms of television entertainment. We, in Fightful, think that you, the audience, are quite frankly, tired of having your “intelligence insulted," so therefore, we're giving The Distraction their own channel. We also think that you’re tired of the same old simplistic theory of “Good Guys VS Bad Guys”. Surely the era of “The super-hero urge you to say your prayers and take your vitamins” is definitely, passe. Therefore, we’ve embarked on a far more innovative and contemporary creative campaign, that is far more invigorating and extemporaneous than ever before. Quite simply, "Fuck Bob O'Neal." However, due to the live nature of “List and Ya Boy” and the “Distraction”, we encourage some degree of parental discretion, as relates to the younger audience allowed to stay up late to 4 PM EST. Other Fightful programs on USA, such as “Grapsody”, and “Sour Graps”, where there’s a 40% increase in the younger audience obviously, however, need no such discretion. We are responsible wrestling media shitposters who work hard to bring you this outrageous, wacky, wonderful world known as the Fightful. Through some 5 years Fightful has been an entertainment main-stay here in North America, and all over the world. One of the reasons for that longevity is: As the times have changed, so have we. I’m happy to say that this new vibrate, creative direction has resulted in a huge increase in television viewership, for which we thank the Jimmy Van for allowing us to have the creative freedom. But most especially, we would like to thank you, for watching. The Distraction is definitely the cure for the common show.”

The Distraction Podcast airs every Thursday at 3 PM EST on Fightful.

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