Fightful Shop Launches - More Items, Faster Shipping Time

Fightful is happy to announce the launch of Fightful Shop.

Fightful has had evolving designs for tees for years, and now we open you up to something different. More designs, styles, colors and options than ever before.

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Black shirts are the wave in pro wrestling, but maybe you want to stand out. We have our original Fightful tee in two dozen colors! This is in addition to our wildly popular new "Fightful Beach" tee, inspired by 1980s Miami, which is now available in several colors -- as our all of our designs.

Speaking of designs, since it seems to be a recurring theme, we now have a "Desist & Ya Boy" logo for fans of our Wednesday staple "The List & Ya Boy." If you're more of a Jimmy Van guy, "The Van" may be for you. We also have kept the classic "FightfulMania" and "Ya Boy!" logos as well. 

It doesn't end there. We've introduced tank tops, long sleeves, hoodies, hats, mugs, and more!

A reminder, upon joining our Fightful Select service, you'll have options to get several pieces of this merchandise included in your subscription after a defined amount of time! So if you haven't checked out Fightful Select, give it a go!

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