Fighting Words: Taz Says The Rock Ganked His Show Segment, The Rock Responds

By Alex Pawlowski

Note: Fighting Words will be a light-hearted regular Fightful feature, which covers the beefs throughout the worlds of MMA, pro wrestling and boxing.

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So you know how Dwayne Johnson is going to have a YouTube channel? And on that channel he’s going to have a “Rock the Promo” show, where is going to be running a 32-man Wrestling Promo Tournament where fans send in their best wrestling promo to his YouTube channel and various pro-graps personalities judge it?

Yeah, that's happening.

Anyway, Taz has some beef with that. Turns out that “the ECW original,” “the human suplex machine,” “the former WWE wrestler and commentator” is also “the radio host who is extremely protective of his intellectual property.”

Taz has been doing a “Wednesday Hump Day Promo” segment on his CBS Radio show every week for the past year. People call in, do their best 45 second wrestling promo, and he would judge them from on high like a shorter, balder, more bad ass Simon Cowell.

So when he heard about The Rock’s plans he was none too happy:

My bro @TheRock straight up gimmick infringement on a weekly series i been doing for a YEAR on my show. #TheTazShow

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) July 6, 2016

My bro @TheRock straight up gimmick infringement on a weekly series i been doing for a YEAR on my show. #TheTazShow

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) July 6, 2016

@OfficialTAZ I had no idea you even had a radio show my man. Our show is just for the fans to have fun. No heat. This is silly. I'll text U

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) July 7, 2016

Damn Rock, that’s just cold. You didn’t even know Taz had a radio show? Taz’s show is too small time for you to even be AWARE of it? And then you hit him with a “My Man” and call his beef “silly”? Could you possibly be more condescending? Oh, I suppose you’re just too busy to pay attention? Too busy to find time to listen to a radio show hosted by your old buddy, your “Bro”, Taz? Too busy with your Kevin Hart buddy comedies and your film franchises both Fast and/or Furious and your successful HBO show that’s basically Entourage for jocks? Too busy with your working out, with your lifting giant amounts of weight from sunrise to sunset and still finding time eating a coop’s worth of chicken breasts every day?

Oh. Wait. Maybe you are too busy. Taz? Any chance you could let this go? Squash the beef? I mean, he did say he’s willing to talk it out… No?

I hear U. I did send out my 1st tweet/reply to u as I was also surprised. But I know u were slammed.

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) July 7, 2016

Or, just proud/protective of my content. I have no "beef" with @TheRock but u should do your homework. #TheTazShow

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) July 7, 2016

Yeah, that’s what we thought… Here’s hoping this Twitter battle follows suit with another recent online beef, and along with Vader vs Ospreay, we get a potato-filled Rock vs Taz match. We’ll update you if and when that develops.

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