Finn Balor Tweets Picture Of Curt Hawkins After 100th Consecutive Loss

There's Goldberg's 173 straight wins while he was in WCW, but a WWE wrestler accomplished pretty much the opposite. Curt Hawkins achieved a career milestone, just not exactly a good one, and Finn Balor was more than happy to let him, and the world, know about.

Hawkins suffered his 100th straight loss at a WWE live event in Detroit, Michigan, an accomplishment far from being a positive one in Hawkins career.

Balor, the former Universal Champion, took a picture of him and Hawkins after Hawkins lost his 100th consecutive match.

Not exactly a fun photo for Hawkins, especially since it came days after Hawkins wished Balor happy birthday on Twitter. At the very least, Hawkins wasn't in too bad of a mood, since he tweeted about his 100th straight loss, which can be seen below.

Hawkins, a former WWE tag team champion, returned to WWE last year, competing for SmackDown, but Hawkins was a part of the Superstar Shake-Up earlier this year, being moved to Monday Night Raw. I would say here's to another 100, but I'm not sure if Hawkins would like to lose another 100 matches.

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