Former WWE Writer Michael Notarile Discusses Bringing New Day Together On Television

New Day has often alluded to the fourth member of the group who was integral in getting the group on television. 

The fourth man is former WWE writer Michael Notarile, who worked in WWE from 2013 to 2015, and was able to bring New Day together on television as they worked behind the scenes to get the group off the ground. 

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Appearing on New Day: Feel The Power podcast, Notarile discussed a 30-second insert promo by Kofi Kingston that was the first seed of New Day. 

"I feel like that was the real -- you guys did so much work in pre-tapes with me -- if I could pinpoint one instance where New Day planted the seed, it would be [the insert] because, now, it was on TV, and you can't go back from that. We were already on pre-tapes, the four of us, trying to get New Day off the ground, but met with some resistance, but we wanted to get it on TV," he said.

Big E was floundering on the main roster and had just been squashed by Rusev, who was running through the competition upon being called up, when Kingston cut an insert promo where he vowed to avenge the losses of his friends, including Big E.

Notarile revealed that he wanted to keep that line in Kingston's promo, because he could then pitch the idea of Kingston and Big E teaming since their friendship was now known to television viewers. 

"The next week in the production meeting, we're talking about different segments, I raise my hand and go 'Why don't we team Kofi and E in this match. Don't forget, last week on Raw, Kofi did say him and Big E are friends and he was going to try and avenge the loss.' That week on Raw, Kofi and Big E are a tag team. That happened for several weeks. That's what started Kofi & Big E being booked on live events. You two are already established, now we just have to get Woods into it," he said.

Woods was given the ball on July 21, 2014 when he cut a promo on Raw reaching out to Big E & Kofi on ways to "get ahead" following the duo suffering another defeat. Notarile praised Woods for knocking the promo out of the park and tying everything together. 

"The thing that helped us the most was you explaining to us the way everything worked," said Woods. "To us, we have an idea for a group, we're not sure what it's going to be or what we want it to be, but we're molding and figuring it out. We're just thinking, 'We have to figure out how this works as a group.' You were able to break it down and say, 'We're not getting through with that message. What if we get these Lego pieces together first, add this Lego piece, then add this one, and before anyone realizes it, you're already a group.' It's a different way to attack and get what we want, and it ended up working. 100% chance New Day doesn't happen unless you come to us and explain that logistical plan of attack."

Notarile noted that New Day were all open to his ideas, collaborating as a group, and presenting things in a different way while saying not everyone was as receptive. 

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