Former WWE Writer Says Vince McMahon Does Not Like Long Storylines

Tom Casiello says Vince McMahon gets lost with long and complicated storylines. 

For over a decade, Tom Casiello was a writer on soap opera television shows. In 2011, he began working for WWE as a writer and he stayed with the company until the end of 2016. In an interview on The Agenda Podcast, Casiello revealed some differences between his soap opera jobs and working with WWE. One major difference was how far ahead WWE plans their storylines. 

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"Here's the thing, you can't really a pitch a year's worth of long story to Vince. I tried to do it when I first started there because in Soaps you pitch a year's worth of story. You can't do that with Vince. He kind of wants to know what Mania is for next year but otherwise, go three months. If you go a year with three different turns and all these twist and turns. He gets lost. You got to do it in smaller doses," said Casiello.

If the writers wanted to keep a storyline going for a long time, Casiello said they would "vaguely" revisit the relationship between wrestlers in small amounts to keep the storyline alive until they were able to get back to it. The example he gave for this was Kaitlyn and AJ Lee's friendship and feud, he said the two would be seen interacting in short segments. 

During the interview, Casiello discussed how his experience writing soap operas translated into writing for WWE. He also said Daniel Bryan and Kane were total professionals and worked well even when they did not enjoy a storyline. 

The rest of the interview is available at where The Agenda Podcast is hosted. 

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