A Four Million Word Fanfiction About Stephanie McMahon And Chris Jericho Exists

You come home from work, you relax, kick your shoes off, and then what? For some people, it's having a beer, watching sports, playing video games. For other people, it's writing four million words about Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon.

That's right, a user on Reddit uncovered a fan-fiction story about Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon that has spanned well over a decade, 3,800,000 words and several hundred chapters, and involves the two characters being married.

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Four million words. Yep. Four million. Let me put that in perspective. I'm pretty sure the longest non-recap wrestling article I've published personally was a little more than 6,000 words. This seemingly neverending story (a REAL one, not some goofy movie that ends in 90 minutes) has gone on for twelve years and 633 times as long as that aforementioned story I wrote. Man.

McMahon and Jericho have had little interaction on screen over the past decade or so, but their feud from the Attitude and Invasion eras are fondly remembered by fans.

Admittedly, we at Fightful haven't had the opportunity to check out all 503 chapters or 3.8 million words, but the dedication is unreal. Meanwhile, some WWE storylines don't have any resolution whatsoever. More power to the dedicated writer of the stories, who has logged an average of over 900 words a day since kicking it off – and that's not even including days off.

If you wanted the gift of Chris Jericho, you now can ingest about twelve year's worth. Drink it in, man.

You can read every scintillating word at this link.

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