Fox apparently can’t tell Lucha Libre apart from Nacho Libre.

In an effort to strengthen the relationship between Fox and WWE, Rey Mysterio was in attendance at the Minnesota Vikings game which aired on Fox.

When the camera cuts to Rey, the narrator says this, "He's here. Look at him. He's in his-- he's in his mask. It's like a Luchador. It's like, uh, Nacho Libre."

Needless to say, the wrestling fanbase was not happy about one of the most fabled WWE Superstars being compared to a comedic movie about Mexican wrestling starring Jack Black.

We've seen some of the Fox representatives really get into the WWE move, including Rob Stone winning the WWE 24/7 Championship. However, we’ve also seen this past week with Keith Olbermann, how the wrestling universe reacts when mainstream media takes the sport lightly.

SmackDown is set to move to Fox one week from this Friday when Brock Lesnar takes on Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship on October 4.

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