Free Agent John Cena Teases Possible Match With A Certain Raw-Brand 'Big Dog'

Yesterday, John Cena participated in a Question and Answer session on Twitter to promote his FOX reality series "American Grit."

One question and its answer drew the attention of the internet above all others.

Well, Hot Damn. Looks like The Doctor of Thuganomics is hunting Big Dogs on Twitter.

Now, John Cena does have a history of trolling the internet with some of his social media posts, so maybe this is nothing.

HOWEVER, now that Cena is a Free Agent, and allowed to appear on Raw or SmackDown, a feud or at least a one-off match between John Cena and Roman Reigns is technically possible now, where it wasn't before.

So what do you think, Fightful Faithful? You think there's a chance Roman and Cena square off, maybe even at Summerslam? And if so, who ya got?

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